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At Arthur’s, we practice three core tenets:

You’re unique. Your space should be too.
At Arthur’s, we believe that the best-designed spaces are tailored to each client’s needs and personal tastes. There’s a lot of great stuff on social media, but we aim to create environments that aren’t dictated by an algorithm. That way you end up with a final result that is trend-setting, not trendy.

Good design is a 360 degree experience.
Design doesn’t stop at the door. We fuse our horticultural knowledge and interior decorating/design skills to create cohesive spaces that are seamlessly integrated, and we’ve got the unique ability to see projects through from the inside-out.

High design doesn’t have to mean a high price tag.
Listen, does money help? Certainly. But we also believe there is just as much beauty in a $50 thrift store find as there is in a $5,000 arm chair, and we’re willing to go the extra mile to deliver exceptional end results that stay within your personal budget, haggling included.


About the Founder

After a decade spent in the world of marketing for the art + design world, Nick Spain decided it was time for him to be the one creating things. He has 3+ years of experience designing and maintaining gardens in the NYC metropolitan area and possesses a Certificate in Horticulture from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. He designs interiors intuitively and is completely self-taught, fusing hands-on renovation experience, knowledge from former clients and a passion for progressive design to create wholly unique habitats.

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