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At Athur’s, we offer 4 distinct ways of working with you on interiors.



Maybe you want a designer’s eye but would rather carry out a project on your own? We’re cool with that! With our design lite package, Arthur’s will provide you with floor plans, elevation drawings, suggested pieces and a rough project timeline, all of which are tailored towards your personal budget and schedule.  We start off with an initial consultation, followed by a tailored design proposal with up to 2 revisions.



So maybe you’re not looking to redo your whole house, or even an entire room, but you’d really just like a some general advice about color schemes, furniture layout or sourcing options? If that’s the case, we’ve got you. For an hourly rate, we’ll happily offer you some guidance and provide visual reference points.


The Full

We get it - you’re not the DIY type and you’d rather have someone else take the reins. With this package, Arthur’s works from initial consultation all the way through to install day. We coordinate with vendors and contractors to ensure that projects stay on-time and on-budget, resulting in custom interiors that reflect our clients personalities and tastes. You’ll end up with a beautiful interior without sweating a drop. 



We’re not really the “take my picture” type, but we don’t mind putting furniture and objects in front of the camera! Whether it’s a small tabletop shoot or you’re looking to showcase your new furniture collection, we’re happy to work with photographers and creative directors to help bring your creative brief to life.