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Arthur's offers a range of horticultural services for residential and commercial gardens in the greater metropolitan area.



You're unique, and your plants should be too! From initial concept to installation, we mix design-forward elements, custom pieces and plants that are tailored to your taste, personality and space. The end product is wholeheartedly, unabashedly you. That way you can scroll through your feed without feeling like you're living in one.  

 Our indoor project minimum is  $1000



So you've got a garden of the outdoor or indoor variety, and maybe you got a little too ambitious with your project, or maybe your long-time gardener decided he was going to retire in Florida. Either way, we're here to help! We can water, prune and feed your little green friends, and even treat them for pests and other issues. That way everybody wins!

Our monthly maintenance packages start at $300/month.



It's like what we do inside, but without the roof! Much like our interiors work, our exteriors celebrate all things progressive and unique, and we often draw inspiration from sources ranging from Spaghetti Westerns to CS Lewis novels. We'll be honest, we're still growing here, but if you've got an outdoor project, we'd love to talk. 

Our outdoor project minimum is $2000



We’re ready for our f*cking closeup! Or we’re at least ready to help you get some plants ready for their closeup. Whether it’s an editorial, ad or event, Arthur’s is here to help you source, set up and style all your botanics. We work with our reliable team of vendors to ensure all plant material is of the highest quality so your photos are too.

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